• Statistical Inference on Panel Data Models: A Kernel Ridge Regression Model (With Shunan Zhao and Zuofeng Shang, 2019, Accepted for publication on Journal of Business & Economic Statistics) Preprint
Paper under Revision & Resubmission
  • Identification and Estimation in Panel Models with Overspecified Number of Groups (With Zuofeng Shang, Qiankun Zhou and Yonghui Zhang, 2017, under 2nd-Round R&R on Journal of Econometrics) Preprint
Manuscripts Submitted or in Preparation
  • Testing Independence and Goodness-of-fit in Linear Regression Models Allowing Non-existence of the Mean of the Response Variable (With Qiqing Yu, 2017)

  • Testing Community Structures for Hypergraphs (With Mingao Yuan, Yang Feng and Zuofeng Shang, 2018) Preprint

  • Optimal Nonparametric Inference Under Quantization (With Ganggang Xu and Zuofeng Shang, 2019) Preprint

  • Optimal Nonparametric Inference via Deep Neural Network (With Ben Boukai and Zuofeng Shang, 2019) Preprint

  • Statistical Inference on Partially Linear Panel Model under Unobserved Linearity (With Ben Boukai and Zuofeng Shang, 2019)